Clay roof tile is naturally delightful. I originated from a clay foundation and was an eager sales rep. I adored it.

I really gathered the most delightful examples pulled out of a bed some place (I’d ask, would I be able to keep this?) and kept them in the carport. Mr. Quiet, my better half, made me surrender them when we moved from our first home. That it was so barbarous to have my assortment tossed in a dumpster! Would we be able to have discovered a caring home for them?

My enthusiasm for clay tile lived on. At the point when I approached roofing merchants, there would consistently be a pile of stand-out bits of tile that some contractor was attempting to coordinate inclining toward the mass of a sales rep’s office. I just needed to glance through them as though I was glancing through somebody’s old, esteemed record assortment.

I took the beneath photographs in Santa Barbara on a Valentine’s Day weekend with my significant other. I made him park unlawfully before we left so I could return and take the photos. I found the structure on a mobile visit that they may even call ‘the red roof visit’. This roof was striking face to face; my photograph doesn’t do it justice. The greenery developing on the tile was such a wonderful difference.

We as a whole have eccentric little insider facts. I just revealed to you mine: I love clay tile.

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