How to Hang Holiday Lights Without Damaging Your Roof

With the holiday season fast approaching, you’re probably now thinking of fun ways to decorate your home. Hanging holiday lights is one of the best ways to showcase the spirit of the season and make your home look festive. However, you might be wondering how to hang these lights on your roof without causing damage.

An Important Reminder: Never Use Fasteners That Can Puncture the Roof or Any Part of It

When hanging Christmas or holiday lights on your roof, remember not to use any kind of fastener that will puncture the shingles or any part of the roof. Even the smallest holes can cause moisture problems later, which may have you needing a roof or siding replacement over time.

What you can do instead is to use specialized plastic clips designed to hug the gutters. These can securely hold the lights without leaving a lasting mark. Here are some ways to use these clips:

  • Simple hook – Simply put the line of Christmas lights on the hooks, then attach the hooks to the gutters.

  • Clip to the line – These types of clips are also designed to hold the line, but they offer a stronger hold. They are best used for rope and icicle lights.

  • Clip to the bulb – This type of clip is designed to hold the bulbs. These are best for precise light design. When using this type of clip, you can choose to attach the bulb pointing upward or downward. These clips can be hooked to the edge of the gutters or drip edge.

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