As a GAF certified contractor, we are able to extend a number of warranties including the Weather Stopper System Plus Warranty. This is huge because roofing contractors that are able to extend this warranty must hit the following criteria:

  • GAF certified Roofing Contractors must maintain insurance  
  • Are Licensed by their State/Province/Territory
  • Trained to Install GAF Products
  • Established in the Local Community with a History of Installing Roofs

All of these attributes will pre-qualify any company that is able to extend this warranty to its customers. It ’s the first step in the right direction when choosing a qualified contractor.

GAF System Plus Bullet Points:

  • Overall Coverage Period: LIFETIME
  • Up-front 100% Coverage period: 50 YEARS
  • Covers Roofing System: YES entire system
  • Cost of installation labor included: YES Lifetime
  • Contractor Factory Certified: YES
  • Tear-off costs included: YES (When Necessary)
  • Warranty transferable for free: YES
  • Good Housekeeping protection on roofing system: YES

Certified GAF Roofing Contractors have a lot more to bring to the table than just a typical shingle warranty which can sometimes only extend Up-Front Coverage for a 10 year period.

Eligibility Requirements GAF Roofing Contractors need to provide For The System Plus Limited Warranty

  1. Your roof must be installed by an eligible GAF factory-certified contractor
  2. In a new nail base insulated deck system is being installed, you must install GAF Cornell Ventilated Nail Base Roof Insulation.
  3. You must install qualifying GAF shingles and three accessory products also manufactured by GAF.

It’s that simple, your roofing contractor now just has to Register the Warranty online and you’re done. Keep in mind that roofing contractors that are unable to extend this warranty may not be certified or licensed in the area. This can be a red flag as to wether or not you want to work with that company. Give Mountain Reach Roofing and Gutters a Call today to discuss pricing options and warranty coverage. (720)-443-5386