Metal Roofs

Most roofing companies prefer to slap three-tab shingles on your home because they’re easy to install, and ultimately profitable for the roofer. Best Roof & Gutter is one of Denver’s best roofers because we explore all roofing options tailored to the needs and aesthetic of you and your home.

For many of our clients, shingle roofs are still the desired variety, but for a growing number of our clients looking to make a more durable and sustainable statement, metal roofing might be the roof of your future. Metal roofing is growing in popularity for looks, durability and a few modern-age properties you might not have thought about.

Your image of a metal roof might still be some rusted-out corrugated steel on top of an abandoned barn. That was true at one point: steel has always had one natural enemy. The days of fighting rust and water, though, are mostly over, as technology has improved dramatically. Manufacturers began to coat the roofs with materials to create resistance to the elements and core oxidation. (Some custom roofs allow for aesthetic rusting but still retains its integrity.)

Currently, the most popular metal roofing materials are versions of steel, aluminum and copper. All provide durability, resistance to the elements (although some metals are more resistant than others), long life and low maintenance. In this modern age, other features of metal roofs include shielding from radio frequency and environmental sustainability.

Aluminum roofs are naturally rust-free and lightweight but are more susceptible to hail than steel. Denver roofers don’t use a lot of aluminum because of that. They’re also slightly more expensive than steel. Steel and copper roofs are protected with a coating specific to the metal to prevent rust. Several different types of coatings are used on metal panels to prevent rust, provide waterproofing, or reflect heat. They are made of various materials such as epoxy and ceramic. Ceramic coatings can be applied on metal roof materials to add heat-reflective properties.

Because metal is pre-fabricated, you can customize your roof in four different styles: vertical panels, metal shake, shingle or tile. Vertical panel roofs are indicative of a more modern trend: they carry a sleek, contemporary look that will definitely update the look of your home. The other styles – shake, shingle and tile – are designed to give you the benefits of a metal roof with the look of a more traditional roofline. The best roofers in Denver should be able to give you the best roofing options, metal being one of the more popular ones.

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