It also makes it one of our busiest seasons here at Best Roof & Gutter. As one of Denver’s top local roofers, we take pride in making that sure you get a new roof on your home in the shortest amount of time. We also can help you navigate the insurance claims process that comes with sudden roof repairs to make sure all damage is covered and repaired.

Make The Call Quickly

Since hail storms affect a wide swath of homes and homeowners, make sure to contact your insurance company and local roofer immediately after you discover damage! Better yet, if you see golf-ball sized hail, start making those calls. Even if you can’t see damage on your roof, but your roof went through a significant hail storm, the earlier you call the better. The longer you wait, the longer it’ll be before someone can even get on your roof, much less make the necessary roof repairs.

Hail storms also bring hail chasers, aka traveling roofing companies that follow the bad weather. They know that homeowners are desperate to fix their roof quickly and they are quite aggressive about offering roof-replacement services. The biggest problem with the hail chasers is that once they get your new roof on, for some reason they aren’t picking up the phone when you discover an installment issue. This is symptomatic of companies in a hurry to collect business, not repeat customers. (720) 443-5386

Here For the Long Haul

Best Roof & Gutter is a long-standing part of the metro Denver community and stand by their work, whether it’s repairs or replacement stemming from hail damage, new roof installation or just general preventative maintenance.

We are trusted partners with the insurers in the Denver area and we are here to help you navigate the claims process to ensure your insurance fully covers the damage that the hail caused. Insurance adjusters can only see so much damage and can’t fully grasp the extent of hail damage the way an experienced roofer can. That’s why it’s important to have a solid insurance company as well as a good roofer at your fingertips to help take the sting out of roof damage from hail.

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