Tile Roofing

For many homeowners, tile roofs not only add beauty to their home, but also an added level of comfort and security. While tile roofs seem synonymous with the American southwest and certain coastal areas – locations where heat and salty air can do damage to typical shingle roofing – Denver and the outlying areas have long embraced the terracotta-style roof.

For centuries, tile has been the preferred roofing material for builders with the means to offer superior protection to their buildings. The roofing material has always been accessible, and tile roofs have always been the most durable. That’s why you see Denver roofers installing tile roofs on million-dollar custom homes and subdivisions alike. Colorado’s cyclical exposure to heat, snow and hail requires a sturdy roof and clay/concrete tiles answer that call.

Tile Roofs Stand Up to Denver Weather

Tile roofs, regardless of tile shape, were made primarily out of fired clay (terracotta). In the latter parts of the 20th century, concrete was adopted as a stronger substitute for modern tile roofs. Regardless of specific material, tile roofs are designed to be impervious to heat, channel rain away from the home better than shingle roofs, and provide a more stable, temperate climate inside the home. The material prevents rot, decay and varmint damage. In simple terms, once you install a tile roof, you don’t have to worry about your roof again (mostly).

Because of its superior functionality, tile roofs come with a high price tag and are difficult to install. Because of their weight, tile roofs aren’t effective on flatter roofs; they also require a more substantial support structure to hold that weight. Tiles need to be laid in such a way to allow ventilation but intrusion of water, regardless of a storm’s severity.

Care For Your Tile Roof

And while tile roofs are superior to other roofing materials against weather elements, falling trees and curious homeowners that shouldn’t be walking on their tile roof will break clay, concrete or even plastic molded-tiles. Repairing a tile roof, like any other highly engineered device, comes at a cost. Part of that cost is the peace of mind knowing that Denver’s best roofing company is at your service.

The look of a tile roof is a thing of beauty, no matter the size or price of a home. They evoke confidence and strength. That’s why only the best roofing companies should offer tile roofing installation and service; it takes experience and precision to lay a tile roof. Best Roof & Gutter already believes that a roof is the most important security system in any house; if you plan to install the best system, make sure you work with a company that will install it right the first time.

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