If you’re feeling handy and want to take on your residential roofing project without the help of a trained professional you should follow these guidelines. If you end up hiring a residential roofing professional you also want to make sure your roofer has a safety protocol in place. These guidelines will keep the roofer safe and give you as the homeowner peace of mind that no one will be injured on the jobsite.

8 Residential Safety Guidelines:

  1. Never work on the roof solo. Firstly taking on a  re-roof by yourself is very time consuming and if you were to get into a sticky situation you would have no support.
  2. Secure your ladder access. You want to make sure your ladder access is very sturdy, on level ground and has the proper pitch. You will be going up and down this point of entry many times with extra weight. Make sure it is secure!
  3. Avoid walking on the roof when it is wet or has a frost layer. The sunny side can thaw and still have slippery spots on the shaded side. Be very aware of this. Morning dew and frost can produce adverse conditions especially when you are at the dry in phase with exposed underlayment. Synthetic underlayment is great but can be a bit slicker than traditional 15 and 30 LB felts.  
  4. ALWAYS wear fall protection and make sure your anchor points are secure.
  5. Wear proper footwear that is both supportive protective and grips the roof without damaging the newly installed shingle. The Cougar Paws brand is a great example of proper footwear for your residential roofing project.
  6. Keep the site clear of debris and product while you go. This will help to remain safe while on the ground which is often overlooked. It will also be a lot easier at the final clean up phase.
  7. Always keep an eye on the weather. You want to give yourself plenty of good weather to finish the project. Colorado’s weather can change rapidly you want to be prepared if an afternoon thunderstorm comes rolling in. Ideal temperatures for installation of Asphalt shingles should be above 40F and below 90F. Temperatures below 40 will make shingles brittle and our bodies also do not perform well. This is when an injury can occur. Stay away from cold weather installations if possible.
  8. If you’re at all on the fence about installing your roof yourself please call a professional. Mountain Reach roofing and Gutters is here for you and happy to help. Call today for a free estimate 720-443-5386